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Chef Haagenson has more than 25 years of culinary expertise. He and his wife Teresa Haagenson own Haagenson's Catering and Ribslayer BBQ To Go in McMinnville, Oregon.

2015 menu sure to take award winning approach!

Hi all! We are headed in to the think tank with some of the best award winning recipes we have to come up with the new 2015 Haagenson's Catering Menu! Our Bride and Grooms, our catering customer regulars and will be eagerly looking to host their next party and use Haagenson's Catering! Days left to completion: 236 days as of today "11/25/2014. Stay hungry my friends! :)   … [Read more...]

Summer is here 2014!

One of the greatest things we BBQ for our bride and grooms is a Boneless Whole Hog! This is a #100 stuffed hog, filled with Pulled Pork, Sausage, 8 herb pesto, Black Mission Figs and two whole boneless pork loins! Now I don't know about you but that is a lot goin on! Get in touch with our catering menu and call us to book this culinary beast for your wedding! Your guests will be blown away!   Craig Haagenson … [Read more...]

Happy Super Bowl!

Greetings Foodies! If you are here, then you must have seen the FaceBook posts and all the food pictures we have been posting from the latest events and recipes we are working on at Ribslayer To Go, our restaurant in McMinnville. Go to the Ribslayer to Go page and like it and keep up with the fun! Click the links and come see more! Super Bowl Specials! Order now!  Prices good for Friday the 31st and Saturday the 1st pick up only! Sorry closed sunday! :)  Big Meaty Spare Ribs $8/# Pulled Pork $8/# Smoked Whole Spicy Chicken Wings $8/#   Party Platter - 2# Spare Ribs/12 Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers/15 pcs Cornbread/2# … [Read more...]

Fall Harvest 2013/New Chef Tim!

We have been so lucky to have such a dry summer! The grapes will be happy and that means if everything falls into place, then expect this to be a great wine year in the Oregon Wine Country! It also means great harvest. Thanksgiving Holiday platters are back and better than ever! Ribslayer has entrusted the assistance of our new Sous Chef, Tim Hodges! Tim has come to us via a very important culinary resurgence in McMinnville. He brings with him more modern culinary skills to increase our already locally inspired farm to plate scene in wine country. His recent stints in several local restaurants in Mac has served him with the perfect way to … [Read more...]

What’s being said about Haagenson’s Catering!!!

From Wine Country Wedding Professionals! Check this link!       … [Read more...]

Tips from the Chef

Now is the best time to call us for your company or family Holiday parties! If you want to spend more time your guests, call Chef Craig and ask about ways to get great quality meats and sides for you with a great price now thru Dec 15th! Whole Beef Steamship rounds, Giant Turkeys, Smoked Prime Rib! The prices are down until the holidays get closer! Also stay in tune for our Holiday Platter Specials! We carry full menu platters with our premium meats and incredible sides for low prices! Turkey, Pork Loins and Roasts. We are the greatest little kitchen around for great quality and customer service! Come ask us soon! 503-550-7388   … [Read more...]

What are you asking for???

We get all kinds of new people ask about how our catering service works. Its great because they come in not knowing what to expect. Burgers, Fried Chicken, Dumplings, Vegetarian and Gluten free foods. Then they look at our menu and there off into deep thought! We serve Oregon BBQ. Favorites of our customers. Nothing fried, nothing greasy and nothing boring and without flavor! Most of the time we cook what you order and don't even use the menu! Isn't that funny? :) But keep on asking! We do it all. Not just BBQ, we are going to do a lot more than just BBQ! We are "Service experts" first. We serve large crowds, well. Thanks for coming in! … [Read more...]

A sweet end to 2011

There it is, 2011. Dust in the wind. We feel like Bon Jovi as in "We've seen a million faces, and we rocked them all!" 2011 was the year the economy came back.. A little. Bacon and Chocolate came to Ribslayer Fans. More people had weddings than ever and they were all so fun and memorable. Thank you to all our brides and grooms in 2011. Your days will be remembered as wonderful videos in our minds! We learned a lot from our mistakes and learned that being open and honest with our selves and our clients really helps to make catering events run smoothly and makes them memorable. Some of our bigger clients became closer to us. OMI, Cascade … [Read more...]

Fall is here!! Embrace your season!

Stew, Chili, Chantrelle's, Soups. Its what's on the stove this time of year that really gets your heart warmed up to feast. Discover that Haagenson's Catering can roast up your Thanksgiving bird with special attention to detail. Leaving you to relax all day. Check in our our upcoming Harvest and Holiday Platters. Keep one for your self and sit back all weekend and feast away! Call us now! … [Read more...]

Thank you! A season changing…

Thank you all for making this summer such a big year for Haagenson's Catering. All of our customers have been having so much fun eating that we haven't had time to stop and smell the smoker! But here it is. A big THANK YOU! From all of us at Haagenson's Catering. As we see a change coming in the season don't forget to think of us for your holiday special needs too! We are here to help with the Bird, Ham, Sausage, Roasted Veggie, Awesome potato dishes and Choclate! Mmm! We are hear and not going anywhere! Back to the farm. Its Harvest time! Your party is going to be bright and have flavor from Oregon's real flavor town, McMinnville! Best … [Read more...]